The Grimps


The show takes place in present time, 500 years after a curse was cast to turn the Grimps into small hideous creatures. Magic Alex, The Grimps’ resident wizardess, finally finds a reverse spell that changes them back into humans – but only from sunset to sunrise. Seeing their chance to become musical legends once again, the Grimps play an open mic night in the big city and bring down the house, rising to instant fame. However, by day, they continue to hide from society as ugly creatures at their camp around Magic Alex’s cottage in a secluded forest. Meanwhile, in this present age, Spector is also in a powerful position as the CEO of a major media corporation. As he furiously realizes that the Grimps are once again going to become the most popular band in the world, Spector and his assistant, a wicked fairy named JOPLIN, jealously set out to destroy the Grimps once and for all.
But there’s more to the show than Spector’s plot. Each episode focuses on a relatable, everyday dilemma that the Grimps face in their lives as musicians and friends: the common problems kids and preteens might encounter as they work, play, learn, and grow together. Whether it’s a disagreement about how a song should sound, broken trust when a secret is revealed, or much bigger antics and arguments as they set off on their worldwide tour, the Grimps constantly face challenges and learn positive lessons as they overcome them. And kids and preteens will remember each lesson – because they’ll be humming an original catchy pop song by the end of each episode!